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AI-native companies’ brand development

AI-native companies' brand development

The main challenge for any company planning to develop AI-native companies with purpose is the definition of differential values that reveal values, methods, goals and connections to society.

Despite several business and social media trends discussing the branding processes to connect AI-native companies to potential clients, the most significant stage for any company marketing the service offers demands a quiet conception of the main porpoise to solve in society.

Regarding AI-native companies, innovation focused on persons and proximity marketing, branding processes mean more than the overwhelming promotion of services to sell products by spamming the message. AI-native companies’ brand represents more than output because it results from cultural organization, social development, corporative vision, innovation commitment, life quality, environment protection, employee promotion and technology development.

In addition, the AI-native companies’ branding processes exhibit how the organization is responsible for solving specific trouble (or a series of issues) in a particular market using distinct techniques or methods. 

Beyond the commercial intentions linked to AI-native companies, the porpoise of the brand means more than marketing promotion and monthly profit for four reasons:

 1- The daily/monthly/yearly sales results from adequate branding development and efficient market positioning.

2- The main corporative endeavor is solving users’ troubles using the best resources without affecting the environment and producing a scalable solution using the minimum energy, assets, and resources.

3- The conception and development methods are conceived to provide better quality for users using a resource connected to their lifestyle. 

4- The operative goal points to providing the best brand experience to the client because more than consuming products, they are using a tool capable of enhancing their lifestyle and providing interpersonal satisfaction.

AI-native companies take care of the environment.

An authentic, purposeful brand can generate concrete actions contributing to the common good. From the beginning, AI-native companies can visualize prototyping as the reason for contributing to social development.

Beyond the commercial activity and sales goals, social brands aim to support the advancement and conservation of the environment where they exist.

This new generation of the brand conscience takes care of the ecosystem around the people, understanding their motivations, objectives and ways of doing business. Also, they encourage local production and responsible consumption to reduce the emission quotas of CO2 to the atmosphere due to transport costs.

AI-native companies try to save the most significant amount of natural resources and take care of waste generation to minimize the environmental impact.

Developing the personality of the AI-native companies’ brands

The differential values during AI-native companies’  branding processes demand particular attention to elements linked to the message spreading. 

The tone of communication, colors, verbs, font typography, letter size, background color, spatial distribution and isotype placement should occupy the top of the conception activities.

However, excellent AI-native companies’ porpoises should print the brand’s personality everywhere in society. It will have daily activities and interactions with target users, industry competitors and direct contestants.

But before creating the AI-native companies brand’s porpoise marketing messages, managers, directors, founders, entrepreneurs, and professionals linked to the project must ask:

  • How do we want to be conceived by the users?
  • How do we want to be remembered in two and five years?
  • What is the single word we would love to be associated with?
  • What are the best practices done by predecessors in our industry?

Finding inspiration from previous players, other industries’ notorious concepts, and distinctive personalities is one of the most efficient resources for conceiving and prototyping the first attributes of the brand.

The Lean Startup Method applied to the AI-native companies’ branding processes is an exciting resource to prototype the first attributes. Every element is improved with the team members’ consistent feedback -also early adopters in the beta sessions.

Finally, it is crucial to conclude that the definition of AI-native companies’ branding attributes does not mean a definitive and immovable organization fragment due to all social considerations and market interactions. Each brand definition, personality, and attribute will be submerged into a continuous innovation process to better the lives of all team members, organizations, clients, and society.

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