How to introduce an AI culture in your Company to impulse innovation 

Helsinki. By Isaías Blanco- Creativity and multicultural profiles are the primary keys to building a solid AI culture mindset at the core of the business to improve production or new product development.

The transformation of a business is the direct result of the internal dynamics, cooperation, support, and strategic assistance at all the business levels, where all the pieces are aligned to enhance the quality of the service. 

Nonetheless, a fast-growing AI culture adoption process does not come from metaphysical revelation. On the contrary, it comes from decisive organizational efforts that originated in the employees’ mentality to analyze the market and propose a new way to solve an issue.

Still, it is vital to understand the AI culture mindset as a particular way of caring for the customer with products developed to satisfy a necessity and solve a circumstance as soon as possible.

The innovation based on persons is one of the most significant elements the Artificial Intelligence oriented mindset considers. It merges the client’s meaning towards a product with a solution conceived for a particular user.

An adequate AI culture setup demands a series of coordinated efforts to blend the current Company’s situation with the market reality, organizational capacities and clients’ aspirations to detect the missing function in the market.

Developing  AI culture in three phases

To transform the employees’ mentality and replacing all the previous conceptions towards  AI capabilities is fundamental to realizing each division’s primary cultural characteristics -or even each department.

The workforce provided by the employee mentality is decisive in impulsing the Company’s AI culture and the central stimulus to create a new line of products and services. 


Forming complimentary teams based on their profiles, life background, previous positions or preceding projects is the first step to introducing a new mentality. The new  AI culture must be more than the addition of their parts, and all the members should work as a unique single piece of intelligence seeking the same goal.

In this case, the employees’ evolution must be reviewed with a new optic beyond productivity. The idea is to replace the old-fashioned mentality obsessed with meeting hours of productivity. 


Regarding AI culture, entrepreneurs should impulse creative ideas that mean more than sophisticated and technical speech in meetings. Learning about Artificial Intelligence demands a serious and consistent commitment to introducing disruptive elements in the organization, business, departments and offices.

Most of the time, the creative process is catalyzed by the Company’s environment. An Open ecosystem can assist any employee in solving troubles without limitations, correction, suggestions, rules, and autocratic assets.

However, the impulse of AI culture creativity comes from an exemplary process of human resource administration, where all efforts aligned with the innovation process are understood as a new mentality to meet the market expectation -and refund the business dynamic.


Any business planning to introduce  AI culture in the organization’s core should incorporate experimentation, testing and prototyping methods as the primary innovation channel to examine the viability of all the creative ideas.

Any professional or team member possesses the same opportunity to propose an innovative idea to solve a challenge using AI, as long as they can test the solution in the market with the adequate Minimum Product Viable prototype.

Finally, the  AI culture is focused on humanizing the technology with a precise innovation approach to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of any member of the Company. The focus of this new vision suggests learning from colleagues and analyzing what employees do and say -even what they bypass commenting. 

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