Editor letter: AI enhancing Humanity, not replacing Human Talent

Editor letter: AI enhancing Humanity, not replacing Human Talent

Madrid. By Isaías Blanco- After three years of benchmarking how AI enhances digital marketing, education, medicine and sports, I realized that it is fundamental to consider protocols and ethical codes to frame a vital business revolution.

Since 2019, I have analyzed how promising StartUps in Sweden, Finland, The United States and Germany are using Artificial Intelligence to enrich the performance of their activities. They offer AI as their organization’s plus service (added value) to solve problems and satisfy necessities. 

However, I acknowledged that the main sales punchline frequented by managers, directors, and entrepreneurs emphasizes Artificial Intelligence as the leading solution to the crisis instead of a tool to enhance the organization’s Human Talent.

Let me guess. When you or your organization think about disruptive innovation business savior, You also imagine an AI solving corporation problems quickly and satisfying customer needs (in a short time) with better efficiency and remarkable performance. But what about the intermediary industries between factories and clients in which human Talent operates?.

Should directors and business owners invest in their Human Talent to enhance their digital skills instead of dispensing with them?

Artificial Intelligence is a reality among almost all digital professions or entirely linked with technological improvements in diverse corners of Society. 

Nonetheless, it is essential to define a framework (protocols) to conduct the transition to the future without replacing employees, destroying job positions and discarding human Talent.

I thank God and the Universe for being 36 years old and having lived through four of human history’s most critical digital/technological transitions—the computing era, Social Media Networking, Digitalization and Cloud Computing.

The only common element I remember of all these periods was the interesting resistance from the employees. Almost all professionals expected the imminent fear of being replaced by computers, but it never happened until now. Such a paradox, no?

Supporting AI developers, architects, engineers and any other related job

Before any misconception, I am not pretending to place my opinion against developers, cloud architects and software engineers working on AI projects. First, due to my admiration for their Talent, and second, given the respect that I feel for how they embrace Humanity’s development. 

My position isn’t against the developers’ guild, primarily considering that they are creating a new network of hyper-qualified job opportunities. On the other hand, my ideas do not support religious fundamentalism, even less an apocalyptic scenario where machines were revealed against humans.

Before you even think about it, I am not supporting pseudo-digital socialism against private capital, entrepreneurs, corporations or any other Tech projects.

Please read it twice if you need clarification about using AI ethically as long as it won’t be used as a powerful resource to replace Human Talent worldwide, especially in less wealthy countries.

One more time, in case of any doubts, my concerns about AI aren’t the technology developers. I will condense efforts to teach entrepreneurs and business people what Human Talent is. I will be necessary for the next decades and perhaps a century (imaging a future led by robots).

Entrepreneurs want to solve users’ issues by consuming fewer resources and earning more money.

COVID-19, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the commercial war between the US and China, the chipset supply crisis, inflation, fuel costs, and increased domestic gas prices create a Machiavellian scenario never seen before.

Crisis means opportunities, which entrepreneurs, companies and corporations are to catch during the current hard times. This is the perfect scenario to introduce AI as the magic solution to automatize processes, reduce cost, save time, endurance productivity, trim suppliers, and increase profits.

But again, What about Human Talent? What will happen with the millions of workers in factories, companies and departments who might be replaced with complex algorithms, robotic arms or machine systems?. Who will defend their rights? How would the employees maintain their value? What is going to happen next?.

We, the first generation interacting with Artificial Intelligence, should educate entrepreneurs, organizations, businesses, companies, corporations, NGOs and even Governments about Artificial Intelligence as an innovation ally instead of a Human Talent trimmer. 

In the coming years, Artificial Intelligence should be a resource in favor of Society, not an excuse to replace employees and reduce costs to grow profit.

Regardless, Artificial Intelligence means significant progress for Humanity because it enriches our capacities and vision of the technology application. Any binding decisions in business, health, social, economic and cultural fields can’t be taken by algorithms. 

Human Talent should supervise and audit how Artificial Intelligence solves complex situations quickly, always trying to make the best choice for the people’s benefit, not the monetary profit.

Open debates, Social Integration. Government policies. Business Transition Frameworks.

Right here, I want to clarify and empathize (for the fifth time) that I support Artificial Intelligence as a tool to enrich our lives, not as a Human replacement.

The definite purpose of any new StartUp established by AI should be to build systems and environments that serve as a framework to enrich Human Talent, especially the factory and logistic employees.

This is the perfect storytelling that opinion leaders should use in their Social Media accounts to influence entrepreneurs, business managers and directors to invest in programs that train employees on AI supervision instead of eradicating human positions in their organizations.

The following five or ten years should be a framework that disposes of the protocol and steps to follow in the AI transition era. What to do, train employees, and reduce the resistance to Artificial Intelligence. 

The Artificial Intelligence transition demands the same efforts required by the Sustainable transformation of businesses, societies, cities, factories and educative models. But one more time, The idea is to build a safe/prosperous system that evangelizes the AI introduction in the daily basics instead of cutting jobs, reducing personnel and condemning people to poverty or forcing retirement.

These reflections come to my mind because I observed close friends afraid of losing their positions and jobs in the following years because of Artificial Intelligence and robots.

Please help me connect with any of your colleagues or friends interested in the AI transition era. Your collaboration might help others to get educated about Artificial Intelligence and how to use it in their favor. 

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